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a day in the life.
01 January 2020 @ 01:01 am

hello everyone.
welcome to aozora sanpo.
we specialize in asian clothes, japanese stationery, and japanese idol goods.

we are located in the united states. if you wish to buy and you are from another country, let us know immediately.


Paypal only. (send as a gift to avoid fees.)

Payment must be received within 3 days.

we are not accountable for any lost payments and packages.

shipping costs also include costs for packaging materials.

please give us 1-3 days to respond, and please respond to our messages in 1-3 days also. (don't leave us hanging.)

all sales are final and please, do not back out following confirmation of addresses.

order form:
lj username:
paypal email:
promotion code:



Current Music: レミオロメン - 茜空
a day in the life.
01 January 2020 @ 01:00 am
27 FEB 2011: UPDATED (Sticker Sheets, Sticker Sacks)
20 FEB 2011: SHOP RE-OPENED. (tons of stationery added)
update scheduled for 26 FEB 2011 (SAT) [stickers, more letter sets, anime goods]
a day in the life.
01 January 2020 @ 12:58 am

Kanebo Kracie Hadabisei Cotton Face Sheet for Skin Renewal
Kanebo Hadabisei Cotton Face Sheet for Skin Renewal is a cotton type moisturizer. You can use with plentiful of lotion or can be used as an exfoliating wipe or facial pack.
With double fruit acid to promote absorption and removes dead skin cells, Kanebo Hadabisei Cotton Face Sheet for Skin Renewal makes your skin absorb moisturizing lotion and essence effectively.
It also contains collagen for moisturizing, leaving your skin clear and bright.
- from sasa.com

★As an Exfoliating Wipe: Wipe off gently.
★As a mask: You can peel the cotton into four pieces, place the cotton to the areas where you feel uncomfortable and wait for 1~3 minutes then wipe gently.

$1.50 per packet, or $18 for the box of 15.

Hakugen Ice-Non Cooling Sheet - Child size
Purposes of use: To cool and relieve a fever, headache, toothache, bruise and sprain (from the hakugen website)
These are basically sticky cooling sheets that you put on your forehead when you get a fever. I got the child size because I have a small forehead, and it fits perfectly fine. Each pack comes with two sheets; you can reuse them by putting them in the fridge, but I wouldn't recommend it for fear of contamination.
Usage as shown in the J-drama Ryuusei no Kizuna. [click]

$2 per packet of two. 4 packets available.

Nesura Blackhead Strips - 1 for $0.75 (11 available)
a day in the life.
01 January 2020 @ 12:56 am
updated 27feb2011Collapse )
a day in the life.
01 January 2020 @ 12:55 am
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feedback under orenjijuice , i also have feedback on soompi.com under the username doori.